i2i – idea to implementation

So, you have an idea. There’s something that can be changed or improved in your clinical area……. and then what? Many healthcare professionals tell me that part of the reason that they don’t engage in research activity in their clinical area is because they don’t know where to start. Research is like another language and the processes seem arduous to the point of being obstructive. I get it.

The pressures in the NHS can make us all feel like we have no power to change anything. We feel like we are going uphill and everyday, we are simply surviving. But the reality is, we all have the capability to be Change Makers and you can make a real difference to our staff, patients and service users.

The i2i programme aims to take participants from that idea stage all the way to implementing their findings. The workshops will provide learning about research process and methodologies whist participants conduct a research project, service evaluation or audit in their clinical area. I believe that learning is most effective when people have the opportunity to use their learning and put it into context, so the workshops will be interactive and fun whilst teaching the next steps in the process.

The workshops are split up into topic areas that mirror the research process each month:

  • Idea – Formulating a question, spotting a problem
  • Inspect – Conducting a literature review, analysing current projects/initiatives
  • Invent – Design a project using an appropriate methodology
  • Initiate – Getting ethical and hospital approval, getting people to take part
  • Interpret – Analysing  data and presenting results
  • Inform – Telling people about your work, writing for publication
  • Implement – Translating findings into practice

At the end of the workshop series, prizes and certificates will be awarded to those who have completed a project and there will a special prize for the person (or team) who are judged to have the best project. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to see your work implemented in practice where it can make a real difference.

Workshops commence on May 21st in Seminar Room 2 in the Tower at 5pm – 6pm and on May 22nd in the Foyer Seminar Room in Queen Square at 4pm – 5pm.

Please note that this round of workshops are now full. I will release details of the next round in due course.