Connect is the quarterly journal for Nurses, Midwives and AHP’s (NMAHPs) where we take the opportunity to showcase the outstanding research and innovations being carried out in UCLH.

Here, you can find all of our previous editions of Connect as well as guidance for any NMAHP working at UCLH who has some work that they might want to submit. If you have a research related question, you can Ask The R Word by contacting me here or by Tweeting @_CNMAR_ using the hashtag #AskTheRWord.

Previous Issues

Guidance For Authors

Contributions are welcome from NMAHPPs working at UCLH. We are really keen to include articles from a wide range of specialities and professional groups. Articles may be submitted on many topics including:

• Short articles (1,000 to 2,000 words) about current research, audit, service evaluation, quality improvement, evidence-based practice developments and evidence reviews

• Case reports (up to 1,000 words)

• Summaries (up to 500 words) of new evidence-based guidelines, for example, Trust, NICE.

We are also keen to:

• publicise events that promote evidence-based practice and research in the Trust

• celebrate your achievements – so let us know about your successes, for example, awarded a master’s degree or PhD, successful grant application, academic publication, or an invitation to speak at a conference

• feature new posts in the Trust that promote evidence-based practice

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your article:

  1. Provide as a Word document – single-spaced, any font and font size.
  2. Provide relevant artwork to break up your text. If you don’t have graphs or diagrams then photographs of the team (please do not include photos of patients), or the clinical environment (relevant to your article)
  3. Figures and images: please provide as high a resolution as possible.
  4. Title: provide a clear outline of what is being presented. If original research, a description of the methods, results and implications for practice
  5. Authors: please provide first name and surname of all the authors, their designation and department in the Trust. The first or last author must be an NMAHPP.
  6. Corresponding author: the name and email of the person the editorial team contact during the review process
  7. If the article is reporting research or service evaluation it should be structured as: aim, population, method, results, discussion and conclusion. Other reports need a clear aim and a structure clear structure that addresses the issues related to the aims.
  8. If you have previously published your work in a healthcare journal then you need to make sure you do not plagiarise yourself. Think about presenting a different aspect of your work.
  9. References: please use Vancouver referencing style: References are numbered consecutively in order of appearance in the text as superscript, and as a list at the end.


In text: The way young people access and engage with online resources is complex with multiple influencing factors including powerful emotional drivers and responses to Internet searching.1

Lea et al.1 concluded that the way young people accessed…

Reference list


  1. Lea S, Martins A, Morgan S, Cargill J, Taylor RM, Fern LA. Online information and support needs of young people with cancer: a participatory action research study. Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics. 2018; 9: 121-135

Chapter in a book

  1. Capp A, Platt L. Respiratory management, in Lennon S, Ramdharry G,  Verheyden G eds. Physical Management for Neurological Conditions 4th Ed. Poland: Elsevier; 2018

Whole book

  1. Lennon S, Ramdharry G, Verheyden G eds. Physical Management for Neurological Conditions 4th Ed. UK: Elsevier; 2018

If you would like to contribute, please contact the CNMAR office,

For support with writing your article you can contact our Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow, Peter Forbes ( who can provide confidential 1-2-1 support.

Editorial Board

  • Rachel Taylor
  • Julie Hogg
  • Rhiannon Eley
  • James Harris
  • Peter Forbes
  • Roganie Govender
  • Dave Grewcock
  • Natalie Holbery
  • Niamh Keane
  • Liz Keenan
  • Catherine Lawrence
  • Yogini Jani